It’s been a little hectic with job searching and preparing for some upcoming performances but I still wanna let you know what’s good in Consta’s hood. Most notably my upcoming showcase at the Central(603 Markham St in Toronto).

So job searching is a nightmare!!! I rate it with having blood taken, apartment searching and first dates (arrrghhh).  Anyways I have updated my resumes and called all my references to make sure they’d still vouch for me and went to work on all the sites you know ,(job bank, Craigslist, charity village etc…)  Places you would find a job to pay your rent and eat because you took the arts and are not exactly in high demand for “real jobs” unless you are skilled in a trade. I applied to a reception posting that seemed perfect for me and got an immediate response and a phone interview and then a real interview.  I was all pumped rehearsing my answers and trying to find weaknesses that don’t sound like weaknesses.  I put on my powersuit despite the sweltering thirty degree weather and managed to get there half an hour early.

So I arrive to this nice building in the Bay Corridor and I can already picture myself sipping lattes as I get to work every morning.  I take the elevator up and see two men who look like they are still stuck in the seventies leaving as I am coming.  I mean like polyester shirts, long hair and everything.  I try to kill time by going to the washroom and fanning myself and trying to unstick my silk shirt and decide to just go into reception.  I am seriously underwhelmed it’s a pretty tiny office there is no one there? no receptionist no workers…recession must have hit this company hard.  So I sit down as I am still like 10 mins early and who walks in but one of the  polyester guys…sigh.  I shake his hand a nd he asks me to wait. He finally comes back and the interview begins. 

The interview is mostly him telling me what the job requires and what he likes about my resume.  The only real question he asks is my typing speed.  So I tell him 40-45 it’s around there-his requirement is 50 wpm.  He asks me to show him and to my horror I just got real nervous and was typing like 18 wpm and of course he thinks I am totally lying and he says all serious like” you know that we require 50 wpm do you think you can get it up to that?” ( And this is to answer the phones and record minutes every once in a while) Needless to say I won’t be packing up my plants just yet.  Have you ever had a horrible interview or audition? Let me know.

And all this heartache over a job I don’t really want.  I think I will stick to what I know, like singing!!! Speaking of which, I have a show on Tuesday June 8th at the Central.  I’ll be singing some favoured R&B and Jazz tunes as well as originals and featuring some of T.Os finest musicians. I’d love to see you if you are in the Toronto area.

Peace and blessings!!!