So this last little while has been hectic.  The Central performance was a blast.  My friends and fam turned out as well as some I didn’t know and a large showing from the French community-Go France!!!  Thank you guys sooooo much!!! I also want to shout out Dike who came out even though I haven’t seen him in a minute-really since Humber! Anyways I must say it was very exciting and affirming and really reminded me how powerful music and performance is in connecting individuals.

Next up I will be singing at the opening for the In My Shoes mentorship program on June 18th at Alexandra Park community Centre as well as at my girl Tash’s wedding next week and I look forward to it. July the 9th I’ll be singing some Jazz in the Second cup located 905 King St. W-at the corner of King and Strachan. Other than that I am ready to start writing some new material.

Other than that I’ll be living my life “like it’s golden” and watching a bunch of  ridiculously fit guys kick a ball around for the next month.

Peace and blessings,