Hey peeps,

I attended the Manifesto Festival Showcase at Dundas Square last night and I was encouraged by what I saw with some of the up and coming artists  and veterans coming out of the north.  First off, I want to say that Eternia was FIRE!!! If you don’t know about her google her!  Yesterday I had a chance to sit down with her for dinner and she is genuine.  These festivals are great because not only do you get to see great entertainment but it gives you a chance to connect with other people who do what you do.

 I have been singing since I was nine and I know it’s no joke to get up and perform in front of people. I know about the hours of preparation, the auditions and open mics, hours in the studio, dollars spent on demos and promotion and outfits, the cold-calling putting yourself out there only to be shot down by critics or even acclaimed but still not make a living off of your gift.  It’s not easy and it is not for the thin-skinned. You truly have to love it!!!

I am happy with what I am seeing coming out of  Toronto and hope we can unite and support our own. We need to start spreading the word about dope artists.  It’s not hard at all with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  And more importantly, let those artists we like know how their music has touched us through encouraging messages, coming out to shows and buying the music.

I’ve been a bit low-key lately as I’ve been pondering my next move.  God has blessed me with a voice and I certainly do not want to waste it.  Not only do I want to continue singing and making music but I would like to teach and share my knowledge with others.  I am looking for ways in which I can serve. If you know of a worthy cause I am willing to donate some of my time. I also give private vocal lessons.  Please message me for rates. You can contact me at constanciamusic@gmail.com